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Machine Learning Section


Department of Computer Science (DIKU)

University of Copenhagen


Universitetsparken 1

2100 København N



Room: 1-1-N110


EMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






  • Stefan Oehmcke (Postdoc)
  • Frederik Faye (MSc student, together with Troels Petersen)
  • Ties Robroek (MSc student)
  • Konrad Gnoinski (MSc student, together with Maersk)
  • Sizhuo Li (MSc student, together with Martin Brandt)


Collaborations and Projects


  • PI for joint project Monitoring Changes in Big Satellite Data via Massively-Parallel Artificial Intelligence (supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark), together with Cosmin Oancea (DIKU), Marcos Vaz Sallies (DIKU), IGN (Copenhagen), DMI (Denmark), and Wageningen University (Netherlands). There will be job openings for a Phd and a Postdoc position soon!
  • Co-PI for joint project Drone borne LiDAR and Artificial Intelligence for assessing carbon storage (MapCLand, supported by the Villum Foundation), together with Thomas Friborg (PI, University of Copenhagen) and Katerina Trepekli (University of Copenhagen).
  • Co-PI for joint project Monitoring tropical forest recovery capacity using RADAR Sentinel satellite data, together with Jan Verbesselt (PI, Wageningen University) and Wanda De Keersmaecker (Wageningen University).




  • Vinnie Ko (Visiting PhD student, 2018-2019)
  • Svend Lund Breddam (MSc student, together with Cosmin Oancea, 2019)
  • Michael Haahr (BSc student, together with Stefan Oehmcke, 2019)
  • Andreas Borgstad (MSc student, together with Marcos Vaz Salles and Wouter Kouw, 2019)
  • Christoffer Thrysøe (MSc student, together with Marcos Vaz Salles and Wouter Kouw, 2019)
  • Ankit Kariryaa (Visiting PhD student, 2018)
  • Yimian Dai (Visiting PhD student, 2018)
  • Darrick Jian Wen Joo (MSc student, co-supervisor Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, 2018)
  • Rasmus Klitgaard (MSc student, co-supervisor Christian Igel, 2018)
  • Pantelis Kouris (MSc student, co-supervisor Alexander Prishchepov, 2018)
  • Felix  Schaumann (MSc student, 2018)
  • Martin Mekota (MSc student, 2018)
  • Sorin Davidoi (MSc student, 2018)
  • Malte von Mehren (MSc student, 2017)
  • Nicholas Indrehus (MSc student, 2017)
  • Rasmus Bygvraa Nilsson (BSc student, 2017)
  • Alexander Steen Andersen (BSc student, 2017)
  • Sebastian Ardahl Skoett (BSc student, 2017)
  • Koen Basten (BSc student, 2016)
  • Jeftha Spunda (BSc student, 2016)
  • Joris van Vugt (BSc student, 2016)
  • Ties Robroek (BSc student, 2015)
  • Christopher Schenk (BSc student, 2014)
  • Jendrik Poloczek (MSc student, 2013, together with Oliver Kramer)
  • Helge Arjangui (MSc student, 2013, together with Oliver Kramer)
  • Justin Heinermann (MSc student, 2013, together with Oliver Kramer)
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